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Craft shows!

One of my new year's resolutions was to make more miniatures and take them to a craft fair! Well, I think that is going to happen. I've applied to 3 (and that's enough for now unless I get rejected from any). I've been reading up on how to create my display and spending pretty much all my free time crafting. I never thought about it before - I guess this is what artists do before craft shows! I'm also scouring Goodwill/Target for booth decorations. Grabbed an open box tent for $40 on Amazon (amazing deal) and picked up a portable charger on lightning sale today.

I'm recording my inventory and my expenses and we'll see how this goes. I'll be selling a bunch of different mini cakes (mother's day, fathers day, birthdays, plain), easter baskets and bunnies, mini house boxes, mini strawberry baskets and shortcakes. If I had to make a guess...I think the birthday cakes will do the best.

I'm really unsure of how successful this will be. I'm not going into this to make tons of money. I really just want to share my enjoyment of these miniatures. For now...back to crafting! Goal is to have over 500 pieces by the end of April. I am at 85 now!

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