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Preparing for a craft fair

Whew. Every bit of my free time is spent making miniatures for 3 upcoming craft shows I've decided to participate in. I've done so much research and am amazed at all the things I've had to think about, buy, etc. That included setting up my business, opening a checking account, getting Square readers, and not to mention a tent (lucked out and got a $40 open box item on Amazon!), display items, tablecloths, boxes, bags, stickers, receipt books, oh my goodness. SO much stuff! Not to mention booth fees.

Decorating my booth has been a decent expense, but one I've had fun with. I've settled on a "French pastry shop" vibe and have done one dry run setup.

One tip I discovered was getting table risers to bring folding tables up to counter height. That is probably the best tip I found! It makes it easier for shoppers to browse and I think will benefit having my tiny things closer to the eye.

As for stock...I am up to 333 items right now. This, too has been a process - I started with a giant list of things I wanted to make, and have brought it down to about 18 different variations. For miniature cakes, we've got birthday cakes, graduation cakes, mother's day and father's day, Baby, wedding, and Sweet 16. Then easter baskets, baskets of strawberries, and a couple other things. Simplifying the things I would be making has been another good tip I came across.

As of today, I have filled a 3 tier Christmas ornament box with stock, plus a shoebox and starting on another box.

I'll also have a few dioramas for sale! I finished my Victorian sitting room and threw together another movie rental store, much smaller and simpler than the last one. It was quite easy since I already have all the video boxes saved as a template.

I'm really excited and also a bit apprehensive since I don't know how many people will be there, let alone purchase from me. I would be happy to make back the money I've spent. I think I've honed in on how much to charge, but t's also a little nerve wracking as I just don't know how much stock I will need. My goal was approximately 500-600 pieces, and I am definitely on track for that. I'm getting much faster at making the cakes! But is 500 pieces enough? Will I sell out quickly? Will I sell nothing at all? My strategy is to just keep making as much as I can over the next 25 days, and we'll see what happens! When the fair gets here, I will at least know that I made as much as I could and couldn't possibly have made more. Do professional crafters do this? I never thought before about how much work goes into things like this before the event.

Well, back to work. I hope I can get back to work on some other projects once the fairs are behind me. It will be a learning experience for sure.

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