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We're going...DZ...Discovery Zone!

My next project is going to be a diorama of a kid's birthday party at DISCOVERY ZONE!

I was lucky enough to be a 90s kid and experience the wonder that was Discovery Zone. This was the best place to go as a kid. It was the holy grail of play places. While I never had my birthday party there, I did attend at least one.

Now that I'm a mom, I am really sad this isn't around anymore, but there are plenty of other indoor playgrounds....around 2 hours from us. We have a Children's Museum, which is great, but that's about it! A few years ago, I started thinking of the possibility of opening my own indoor playground in the area. That dream isn't totally dead, but I think I would need about a million dollars to make it as awesome and successful as I would want. Maybe if I win the lottery!

Next best thing is to recreate it in miniature. We'll have a large, colorful (no sad beige here) 2 story play structure with the iconic roller slide and ball pit. Another slide will go into the ball pit, and a foam "ladder" will take the climber to the 2nd level with a bridge and lookout bubble. There's also a hidden tunnel on the bottom floor that may or may not connect to the ball pit.

A birthday party will be happening at this DZ...we'll have a table setup with plates, cups, napkins and party hats and balloons, and possibly 2 side tables, one for gifts and one for food (pizza, cake, sodas). Imagine this little party table with little tiny party hats!!

I've been using Publisher to "sketch" out plans. It's turning out to be a bit larger than I initially imagined, but I think it will be a lot of fun.

In other news, I've got an order for my miniature cakes! I'll be working on those a bit today, then hopefully starting with the base of the DZ.

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